Pellets are enviormentally friendly

  • Wood pellets are 100 % natural
  • Pellets are 100 % biodegradable
  • Wood is a renewable resource
  • Compared to other fuels, pellets have minimal emissions of pollutants
  • When you use wood pellets as a fuel, the substances released into the atmosphere are re-absorbed by growing plants and trees, creating a natural cycle – unlike burning fossil fuels or generating electricity from oil or coal
  • The net emissions of carbon dioxide are zero

Wood pellets factory in Romania

Pellets are economically friendly

  • Improve energy security and reduce dependence on natural gas / oil through renewable and sustainable wood resource.
  • Pellet's price is independent of oil and natural gas
  • Pellet's cost in operation is lower than for fossil fuels
  • People have long been seeking more economical ways to heat homes during the colder months. Because energy prices are increasing, traditional wood stoves have become very expensive. For this reason, increasingly more people are discovering that using pellet stoves is much cheaper and more practical. This is largely attributed to the high efficiency of burning fuel pellets for heating our homes.
Wood Pellets for sell in Romania

  • The calorific value of 2 tons of pellets is equal to the calorific value of 1,000 litres of fuel oil
  • Pellets are one of the most efficient fuels in terms of calorific value, comfort and safety in use
  • Making comparison with a conventional electric boiler, a pellet boiler will consume, for the same thermal power produced, with about 20-30% lower cost;